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File: 1656431927810.jpg–(533.98KB, 2524x2116, 20220622_103549.jpg)
No.56  >>63, >>113
Wow this site pretty cool hope it does well
¨ No.57
1656432331251.jpg–(0.96MB, 1720x1214, 1654777154401.jpg)
I just have one problem when I have the site on style on [Icunny] I can't see my font text. So I don't know if that's fixed by making the font white when your on that theme but besides that nice site.
¨ No.63
1656775580711.jpg–(1.02MB, 1200x1643, A.jpg)
¨ No.71  >>72
it's already dead
¨ No.72
1658242348883.jpg–(116.11KB, 774x582, 1616018162468.jpg)
Shill the site retard.
¨ No.113
i noticed that this site uses the japanese date system,
which is of course much more consistent,
but It was surprising.

also why was this site even made?
i literally randomly found this from reverse image search for a random image on 4chan
¨ No.131
this site is still in its infancy
we gotta wait
¨ No.133
You’ll wait forever

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